Amiri Gems is one of the premier jewelry and watch retailer in the State of Qatar.

From its very beginning in 1994, this multi-branded house has hosted many of the top-name exclusive brands and is constantly expanding its portfolio to bring innovation to the Middle East, being as diverse as possible in the field of jewelry and timepieces.

Products at Amiri Gems were created with the high quality standards and with some of the best materials available – highly valued diamonds and outstanding gems. Each of our products is wearable works of art that have been created by exceptional artists.

Amiri Gems houses some of the most opulent jewelry and watch houses from across the globe, each with their distinct style, and of superb quality. The company aims to fulfill the needs of their clients by providing an assorted range of products with creative designs to suit different tastes, all the while by providing the best customer service that it can.

Exquisite pieces can be bought and designed to order by the finest jewelers like Adler, Palmeiro, Oro Trend and Chatila in Switzerland. Amiri Gems also offer an extensive range of luxury Swiss Watches such as Concord, Jacob, Tabbah and Techno-Marine Aquanatic.