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The Launch of The New Corporate Branding

A new branding that will launch Nasser Bin Nawaf & Partners Holdings to new heights both nationally and internationally.

Nasser Bin Nawaf & Partners Holdings is proud to introduce its new logo. Simplicity and easiness of recognition were the key factors in the design of the new corporate identity. Looking to a future where NBN Holdings takes a bigger part in Qatar's economy, the new corporate branding showcases where we want to b

e in the international market, and easy to remember and recognize.

“In line with the heritage of the company, we needed a brand identity that was strong, but creative in the way that made it easily recognizable.” Sheikh Nasser N Al Thani

A family of Shades

In order to enhance the strength and visibility of the logo, all Nasser Bin Nawaf & Partners Holding subsidiaries follow the same brand identity with a distinctive uniqueness: The shades.

The shades were developed based on the business sector and values of each entity:

Gold of NBN Holdings: Prestige, Prosperity, Generosity.

Red/Maroon of Elite Security Services: Health, Courage, Life.

Blue/Turquoise of NBN Logistics: Open Spaces, Freedom, Trust.

Orange of NBN Real Estate: Warmth, Success, Happiness.

Green of Premium Hospitality: Environment, Nature, Health.

Purple of NBN Technologies: Energy, Creativity, Inspiring.


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